Gender Based Violence discussions at Cana Combined

Gender Based Violence discussions at Cana Combined
The scholars found the visit informative

On Tuesday 22 September, members of the Mahamba SAPS, along with members of the CPF (Community Police Forum) and the CDW (Community Development Workers) visited Cana Combined School to talk about gender based violence.

Gender based violence includes physical, economic, sexual, and psychological abuse as well as rape and sexual harassment. Many instances of violence are not reported to the SAPS and a great number of women, children and men are abused for years before they finally speak out.

The aim of this outreach was to encourage the learners to report any gender based violence that might be happening in their homes immediately, before it gets out of hand. In the previous publication of the Excelsior News, a report appeared of a man from Mkhondo who was sentenced to a lifetime in prison after murdering the mother of his children and assaulting his 5-year old daughter.  If ongoing violence in the household had been reported sooner, the mother might have still been alive today.

The South African government has made many resources available to the victims of gender based violence. To report any incidents or for assistance, kindly contact one of the following numbers (as provided by the Department of Social Development):

  • Emergency line – 0800 428 428
  • Please call me – *120*7867#
  • Skype address for members of the deaf community – HelpmeGbv
  • SMS “help” to 31531 (for individuals with disabilities)

Thank you for reaching out to the scholars regarding this important issue.