Cows on the road: An (udder)ly annoying situation

An (udder)ly annoying situation
This is unlawful and dangerous

On Monday 21 September a herd of cattle was walking in Smit Street. These cows on the road blocked the way for motorists and created a traffic jam.

The Excelsior News has reported on this matter several times in the past and especially during the past few weeks but, no improvements in this situation have been made and there seems to be more and more cattle in town. According to the Mkhondo Local Municipality, they cannot remove the animals from town, since they have nowhere to safely keep them and we presume that this will only get worse.

Since the problem is getting worse and nothing is being done about it, here are a few tips on how to avoid (cow)lisions:

  • If you see a cow near or on the road that you have time to avoid colliding with it, reduce your speed and tap your brakes to warn other drivers and sound your car’s hooter.
  • If the animal is in your way, brake firmly but do not swerve to avoid it. Beeping the horn in a series of short bursts, will hopefully frighten the animal away. Provided you can slow down whilst still keeping control, steer around the animal but stay on the road if possible. Also watch out for oncoming traffic.
  • If a collision seems inevitable, do not swerve to avoid the animal; your risk of injury may be greater if you do. Maintain in control of the vehicle. Report the accident to the SAPS and your insurance company.

Please drive carefully, colliding with a cow/bull on the road will cause severe damage to your vehicle and may even cause serious injuries and even death. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about the cattle at this moment in time but, if you are vigilant you can avoid an accident.

When will the necessary changes be made to take stray animals off the road? It looks like some cattle owners plan for their animals to feed in town daily. They are fully aware that the law prohibits the grazing of animals in town, but are taking advantage of the fact that Piet Retief doesn’t have a functioning pound at this stage.