2 080 elephant bushes for Arbor Week

2 080 elephant bushes for Arbor Week
What a great initiative

For Arbor Week (31 August to 4 September) the Mkhondo Local Municipality decided to aim at planting at least 2 500 elephant bushes (Spekbome) together with the help of the community. The MLM urged community members to drop of their empty food and cold drink cans at designated areas, these cans were used to plant the elephant bushes in.

A total of 2 080 elephant bush plants have been planted so far by the MLM. Unfortunately the nationwide lockdown negatively influenced their collection time, they are however confident that before the end of 2020 they will surpass their 2 500 target.

The MLM decided to do the #SpekboomChallenge to help protect the earth for future generations as these plants absorb more carbon dioxide compared to other plants. These plants are water wise as they only need a small amount to survive and are even edible.

This initiative would not have been such a success without the help of the members of the community, DARDLEA, GSDM, IUCMA and Mondi. The MLM is grateful for all the support in their Arbor Week project.