Piet Retief Grand Prix

Piet Retief Grand Prix
This irresponsible behaviour needs to stop!

On Saturday 12 September a video was shared on a AfriForum Whats-App group, showing the drivers of two vehicles racing “Grand Prix style” in Rabe Street in broad daylight.

This area is known for many children playing in the street and in the clip you can even see children on the sidewalk watching the race. If one of the drivers had lost control of his vehicle, innocent people could have been injured or even killed.

It is extremely problematic that some drivers in town feel comfortable enough to drive so irresponsibly. Is it because they are overconfident that there will be no legal consequences?

The Mkhondo Traffic Department’s officers are urged to please put an end to these ridiculous Grand Prix competitions before tragedy strikes. Traffic officers maintain a high presence in the main areas of town, especially Church Street but, you rarely see them in other areas. It would be advantageous for everybody if they could patrol residential areas too. By being visible, these illegal races could be prevented.

Please take immediate action.