Overflowing drains a health concern

Overflowing drains a health concern
This is not only smelly and unsightly but, it also poses various health issues

It is shocking to see how many sewerage drains in Piet Retief are overflowing. Some of these drains have been overflowing for quite some time without any intervention from the Mkhondo Local Municipality, even though residents claim that they have reported the drains on multiple occasions.

Overflowing drains are often caused by sanitary products, paper towels, the roots of trees or other hard to flush elements. Wipes, tissues and hair can also be the guilty party.

Overflowing drains a health concern
This drain has been overflowing for such a long time that the grass is flourishing from the “fertiliser”

According to the World Health Organization, in areas where drainage and sanitation are poor, water runs over the ground during rainstorms and collects faeces and contaminates water sources. This contributes significantly to the spread of diseases such as typhoid and cholera and may increase the likelihood of contracting worm infections from soil contaminated by faeces.

Members of the community are urged to report overflowing drains as soon as possible. These drains can be reported to the MLM on vdube@mkhondo.gov.za, 087 630 0180 or 082 065 4597.