Overflowing drain reported

Overflowing drain reported
This drain was left unattended for several days

On Friday 11 September an overflowing drain on the N2 Pongola road was reported to the appropriate department of the Mkhondo Local Municipality.

By Saturday, the drain had yet to be repaired and was a smelly, disgusting mess. On Sunday it was noticed that the drain was still overflowing and since the relevant department had still not acted on the complaints and reports that they had received, the Ward 7 Councillor, Irene Brussow, informed residents that the poor service delivery was reported to Mr Maqhawe Kunene, the municipal manager.

However, on Monday it was disappointing to see once again that the matter had still not received any attention. Three days later and no efforts were made by the Mkhondo Local Municipality to repair the drain, absolute poor service delivery.

The drain was finally repaired on Tuesday morning. After contacting Thandeka Dludlu, the manager of the Department of Water and Sanitation of the Mkhondo Local Municipality once again, the Excelsior News discovered that the reason why the drain was left unattended for so long, is that the MLM currently only has one plumber in their service, who has to do all the repairs in town.

Another overflowing drain in Theo Mocke Street was repaired on Monday, 14 September after being reported.

The Mkhondo Local Municipality state that their mission is to be committed to deliver quality and sustainable services that will enhance a better life for the community.