Medical waste in public area

Be careful with your refuse
Thank you to these MLM employees for cleaning up the mess

A concerned citizen of Mkhondo recently visited the Excelsior News to report, what he had assumed to be, medical waste which was found in the field next to the Piet Retief Country Club.

The pile of waste included gloves, syringes and other items typically found in a medical practice. The street adjacent to the field is occupied by many medical professionals. This makes it easy to assume that it was one of the professionals in the area who has been getting rid of dangerous items in an unlawful manner but, this was not the case.

It seems that the items came from only one refuse bag and upon further investigation it was determined that the bag was not actually filled with medical waste, but with general waste that can typically be found in a medical practice.

It is probable that the bag was left out on the sidewalk to be collected by the employees of the Mkhondo Local Municipality and someone either intercepted it to look for things that they could sell or use, or it simply fell off the refuse collection truck.

The relevant department of the Mkhondo Local Municipality was informed of the waste on Tuesday 1 September, and they immediately sent out a team to clean it up. Thank you for the quick response and good service!

The practices in the area have assured the Excelsior News that they dispose of their hazardous materials in the correct manner and do not under any circumstances use the field as a dumping ground.

We request that the residents of Mkhondo kindly only leave their refuse bags on the sidewalks on the days that the area that they reside in has been scheduled for refuse collecting. By doing this, it will prevent stray dogs from tearing the bags apart or people going through your rubbish bags.