Community assists with municipal water

Community assists with water
Unfortunately clean water was streaming out of this site in Schutte Street

On Tuesday 8 September the residents of Mkhondo received a notice from the Mkhondo Local Municipality, informing them that the new Water Treatment Works required emergency refurbishment. Residents were informed that there would be municipal water interruptions for two weeks, from 14 September until the 27th September.

Residents were further informed that although the Old Water Treatment Works will still be operational, it will not be able to meet the community’s demand for water. Community members were urged to store an emergency water supply prior to the shut down.

Irrigation, washing of cars and construction activities are prohibited during this two week period. Swimming pools are also not allowed to be topped up and pumps must be switched off.

The MLM are trying to ensure the areas most affected will have sufficient water by sending out water tankers to these areas and a JoJo tank has been placed in Schutte Street where residents can also collect water.

Community assists with water
The JoJo tank in Schutte Street

AfriForum has also assisted the community by placing five JoJo tanks throughout town. These tanks are at 11 Jasmyn Lane, Kempville Mosque, AGS Church, 2 Deborah Street and 6 Magnolia Street.

According to a message received from a ward councillor the areas that would be most affected are: Group 10, Harmony Park, Mapapheni, Rust-plaas, Ajax, Mangosuthu, Nkonjaneni, Eziphunzini, Phola Park, Kempville and Welgekozen.

Many residents are outraged that these upgrades have to be done during the Covid-19 pandemic as we all need to wash our hands now more frequent than ever. The refurbishment are necessary to improve the municipal water quality status as well as to be able to meet the water demand capacity of the community.

Hopefully the renovations will be done within the specified time period and Mkhondo residents will have cleaner water that is available at all times without any further interruptions.