Clicks advert causes nationwide upset

Advert causes nationwide upset
On Tuesday 8 September the Clicks store in Piet Retief Shopping Centre was still closed

After an advert by TRESemmé, portraying the hair of certain ethnic groups to be inferior to those of other ethnic groups appeared on the website of Clicks, the political party, EFF, has called for all branches nationwide to close.

The EFF demanded that all stores remain closed until at least Friday 11 September. They further demanded Clicks to terminate the contract with the company responsible for the advert.

Of the 880 Clicks stores nationwide, at least 425 of these stores had to close their doors for trading on Monday 7 September, this also included the two branches in Piet Retief. By Tuesday the situation still remained volatile and the EFF stood by their demands and refused to budge. It was said that some stores have been petrol bombed and vandalised and looted. It was also reported that members gathered at Clicks at Mall@Mfula on Tuesday 8 September, fortunately at the time of print no intimidation or vandalism was reported.

The Clicks group has issued apologies for the ad by TRESemmé which was placed on their website but, many feel that this is not enough. They further announced on Tuesday that TRESemmé products would be delisted and that all employees involved in the advertising campaign have been suspended.

The Gauteng High Court has granted an interdict preventing any EFF members from intimidating Clicks staff and customers, they are however allowed to peacefully protest. All Clicks stores were closed on Wednesday 9 September to provide counselling and support to members of staff.

Hopefully an amicable solution will be found before some Clicks stores are forced to permanently close their doors.