Stolen vehicle recovered

stolen vehicle

On Friday, 24 July during the early hours of the morning at approximately 02:10, a stolen vehicle was recovered.

The perpetrators allegedly forced the gates open to get access to the vehicle and proceeded to drive it in the direction of Mahamba. Later, the vehicle was spotted about two kilometres outside of town by members of the SAPS who were on patrol. It had been abandoned in the plantations.

The recovery of the vehicle was a huge victory since it was retrieved even before its owner reported it stolen. No one was arrested in connection with the theft since the perpetrators were not at the scene.

We urge the residents of Mkhondo to please be extra vigilant when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe. Make sure that your car is properly locked and it should preferably be parked in a locked garage. If it is impossible for you to park your vehicle in a garage, make sure to lock all the gates around your property and if it is possible, park it where it is well-lit and cannot be seen by criminals from the street. Avoid dark places.

Least stolen cars in South Africa:

  • Peugeot (308 model)
  • Alfa Romeo (Giulietta)
  • Volvo (V40)
  • Mitsubishi (Outlander)
  • Honda (Civic)
  • Nissan Infinity (Q50)
  • Subaru (Outback)
  • Toyota Lexus (IS).