Rape Intervention Programme

Rape Intervention Programme

Thanks to the continued funding from Mpact Mills, the GRIP (Rape Intervention Programme) has been offering services at the Mkhondo SAPS, the hospital and the court in Piet Retief since 2013.

Rape Intervention Programme is there to receive women, men and children who have endured domestic and sexual violence. It happens to anyone of any age, gender and all spectrums of life.

Our Care Workers are constantly trained and updated in trauma debriefing, court preparation, rights of survivors at all 3 institutions and mostly, to be your guide through the ‘walk to justice’. The Care Workers are there to assist victims to eventually turn into survivors.

Last week, another training session was offered in trauma containment and the importance of getting to the hospital or the police station as soon as you can after you have been sexually assaulted.

Rape is an extreme form of assault and can easily cause you to contract HIV if no protection such as a condom was used. The HIV virus takes just six hours to start replicating in your body. To prevent this, survivors who get to the hospital within 72 hours of the assault, can access what we call (PEP) Post Exposure Prevention. This is the medication that you take for 28 days which attacks the virus and helps prevent you from contracting HIV from the perpetrator. So please remember to rather not wait – but to access our services as soon as possible.

Together with Excelsior News, GRIP will be communicating information with regards to sexual and domestic assault over the next few months. Knowledge is power.

What is power to survivors of sexual and domestic violence is to be able to communicate in their home language. Whilst our Care Workers are all very able to communicate in English, their Afrikaans is not as good. We would love to have a couple of Afrikaans speaking ladies who would like to volunteer to be trained to be available with our Care Workers when such a need arises. A caring heart is all you need.

If you feel that you would like to help, we will be so grateful. Please contact Barbara at 082 0769243 or e-mail her at barbara@grip.org.za