Piet Retief Country Club Members Day

Piet Retief Country Club Members Day
Lappies en Zonja Labuschagne with their prizes

On Saturday, 8 August the Piet Retief Country Club hosted a golf day, sponsored by TWK and specially tailored for their members.

It was a beautiful day for a round of golf and the participants enjoyed themselves immensely and played in teams of two.

The results for the day were as follows:

  1. Lappies and Zonja Labuschagne – 48 points
  2. JP and Sonja du Toit – 46 points
  3. Matthew Lambert and Ivan Erasmus – 42 points
  4. Jaco Smith and Jan-Hendrik Viljoen – 41 points
  5. Deon Van Rensburg and Dawie du Plessis – 41 points (count out)
  6. Egon Paul and Sven Prigge – 40 points (count out)

The following golfers did exceptionally well:

  • Longest drive ladies: 3-12 Sonja du Toit
  • Longest drive men over 50: 3-12 Laban Meyer
  • Longest drive men under 50: Jan-Hendrik Viljoen
  • Closest to pin: 4-13 Jürgen Gevers
  • Closest to pin: 6-15 Danie Bruwer
Piet Retief Country Club Members Day
Jürgen Gevers

A special thank you to TWK for sponsoring the event and the prizes for the winners. Thank you to each and every participant who followed the strict new rules of the Country Club, without your cooperation this fun day of golfing would not have been possible.