Illegal advertising boards removed from sidewalks

Illegal advertising

Illegal advertising. After numerous warnings to business owners to not place their advertising boards on any sidewalks, law enforcement officers removed these illegal signs on Friday, 17 July.

The boards that are being displayed are forcing pedestrians to walk in the roads. This is very unsafe as someone could be injured by traffic.

Thank you to the MLM for being proactive and ensuring the sidewalks are safe for pedestrians to walk on.

Illegal advertising boards removed from sidewalks.
This forces pedestrians to walk in the roads all over town

Some companies and homes have also planted poles with banner, rope or wire between the poles to prevent cars from parking on their sidewalks, this forces pedestrians to walk in the road. According to the MLM, this is not allowed and the safety of pedestrians are being compromised.

The grass in some fields, at homes and businesses also are so overgrown that pedestrians rather walk in the streets.

Before any of these signs or poles can be planted permission needs to be obtained from the municipality.

If residents feel that any obstructions on sidewalks or unkept lawns are endangering pedestrians it can be reported to the MLM on 017 285 0305/0349 or 082 065 4597.