40 hectares of trees burnt down in fire

40 hectares of trees burnt down
The flames burning the plantation on Saturday

On Saturday 15 August and Sunday 16 August the howling noise of the August winds were a reality and approximately 40 hectares of trees burned down in a fire in the plantations surrounding Piet Retief.

MFPA bombers and their ground teams as well as Mondi had to work hard to put out these fires before any further damage to the plantations could be done.

40 hectares of trees burnt down
Smoke clouds filled the sky on Sunday

The cause of these fires are unknown at the time of print of the Excelsior News. The MFPA reminds residents not to go to the site of the fires to take photos of the planes. Not only are you putting your own safety at risk but, also those of the emergency workers.

Thank you to all involved in containing and putting out these fires.