TVK-Recyclers: Advocating for a waste-free future

The TVK-Recyclers team members are passionate about preserving the environment, whilst also creating jobs and opportunities for those who share their enthusiasm.

TVK-Recyclers: Advocating for a waste-free future

At the moment, they are functional in al 19 wards of Mkhondo, going through other people’s rubbish to collect all the recyclable materials such as plastic items. It is certainly not a pretty job but they happily do it.

Although it is a dangerous time to be conducting operations like this, since COVID-19 can be spread through contaminated tissues and masks that have been discarded in the piles of rubbish that the TVK-team go through, the workers stay safe by wearing masks, as well as gloves and maintaining a safe distance between one another. Thank you for the good work that you continue to do.

Recycling reduces the amount of waste that is sent to landfills and incinerators. It helps to conserve natural resources such as timber and water and it increases economic security. The benefits are endless.

Although not everybody has the time to actively get involved in one of these projects, anyone can recycle. Experts advise that a good way to start would be to simply put all of your recyclable goods in separate refuse bad, mark it as recyclable and put it on top of your other bags. This way it will be easy for pickers to spot and take it to the correct recycling facility.

We urge the community of Mkhondo to please start keeping our streets clean and neat. If you just throw away your rubbish in a field next to your home, or simply leave it in your yard, you are being disrespectful not only to the environment but also to your neighbours, your family and yourself.