A Father’s Day gift with a difference

Father’s Day Gift - Man Repairing Potholes

Sunday, 21 June marked Father’s Day and children and grandchildren from across the world celebrated this special day by spoiling the father figures in their lives.

Nature Khumalo decided to not only celebrate the men in his life but also the men in his community, by doing his part in ensuring that they are able to transport themselves and their families safely across the bridge on the R65 Amsterdam road.

Deep potholes there recently caused an accident between a truck and a car, and other motorists have reported that they also have had to swerve out to avoid the potholes and prevent damage to their vehicles.

Mr Khumalo rallied a few other men and on Sunday, they attempted to fill some of the potholes. This is a very kind and caring gesture and those who travel over the bridge, applaud him for trying to make a difference. Thank you!