Cemetery maintenance in Mkhondo

Cemetery maintenance

The cemeteries in Mkhondo have long been a tribulation for many loved ones who laid their families and friends to rest there, expecting that the grounds would be kept neat and clean.

On Friday, 31 January an article appeared in the Excelsior News regarding the awful state of some graveyards in Mkhondo. The grass was so overgrown that it was a challenge to even reach the grave of your loved one and disrespectful people left litter everywhere.

A quick visit to the cemetery on the corner of Theo Mocke – and Muller Street on Tuesday, 23 June showed that huge improvements have been made in the maintaining of the grounds. Municipal employees were hard at work cutting the grass and the cemetery looked neat and tidy. It makes the heart happy to know that families will be able to pay a visit without being distraught about how the environment around them looks.

However, the old burial grounds, on the corner of Church Street and Gerhard Böhmer Road, still looks horrific. Visitors are barely able to enter the grounds with their vehicles, let alone walk around and pay homage to those who are buried there. It’s disgraceful!

We appreciate the work that the Mkhondo Local Municipality is doing but we request that they also pay attention to the old graveyard, so that families can also feel safe and content to visit there.