A garden of hope

A garden of hope community project

Mr Moses Fakude’s garden serves as a garden of hope to the community living in the area.

He started with the gardening-project in 2010 and has since expanded it considerably and makes use of the fresh produce to feed the impoverished residents of Harmony Park. He also teaches young men how to plant and maintain a successful garden.

During the nationwide lockdown, most businesses were closed and many people were unable to go to work and receive an income. Mr Fakude recognized the need in his community and still kept going with the garden. He also motivated several men to join him to work there during the day.

This not only kept them busy and out of harm’s way, but it also gave them the opportunity to take home fresh vegetables at night and still be able to feed their families, even while receiving no money.

He says that keeping the garden healthy and operational is challenging, but definitely worth it. Thank you for the lives that you are changing through gardening, Mr Fakude.

A garden of hope community project
Beautiful and tasty vegetables