Food is fuel


On Tuesday, 26 May members of the Mkhondo House of Hope, with assistance from Mr Kevin Madonsela heard the community’s cry for assistance and handed out 30 food parcels amongst the necessitous people in eMkhondo.

Due to the nationwide lockdown and the uncertainty of government grants, the need for food and essential products has skyrocketed. The people are not only hungry for a decent meal, but also for the feeling of community, kindness and love, and by handing out these parcels, the Mkhondo House of Hope not only filled stomachs but also gave people hope and filled their hearts with joy.

“We believe in a fairer world with enough food for everyone. Today, we’re more determined than ever to make it happen.”- Anonymous

Thank you to each and every person who donated an item to fill the parcels and to the community leaders who identified the families in need, but most of all, thank you to the families who opened their homes and accepted assistance for the generous and caring team members.

Generosity is a powerful tool that can be used to change the world.