R359 715-00 dagga confiscated

Excelsior News - Dagga confiscated worth R359 715-00

On Monday, 11 May 209.06 kilograms of dagga, worth approximately R313 590-00, was seized on the Sbetha road (Ethandakukhanya).

The dagga confiscated was being transported in a bakkie and the illegal contraband was discovered when Captain Khalishwayo and Detective Sergeant Nkosi searched the vehicle. They arrested the driver and the passenger. Thank you for your good work!

On Thursday, 14 May on the R56 road, near Nerston, the SANDF (South African National Defence Force) were conducting a vehicle patrol operation when they came across three suspicious people at the side of the road. They had three bags with them and were waiting for transport.

The members of the SANDF, under the command of Corporal Teyise approached the suspects who then ran away and left the bags behind. After searching through the bags, they found 30.75 kilograms of dagga, with a street value of approximately R46 125-00. We commend the hard work of Corporal Teyise and his team.

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