Community assisted

Community assisted during lockdown
Some of the 400 social relief parcels

The nationwide lockdown has left many families with little to no income to buy food and other necessities.

During the past week, many different organisations handed out much-needed food parcels throughout the community of Mkhondo.

The South African Farmers Association Development working together with Mkhondo Local Municipality donated 400 social relief packages that were distributed throughout all wards.

There were food parcels handed out at the municipal offices to individuals that previously applied for assistance.

These food parcels are for all members of the community that is in need. You can find out from your local SASSA offices how to apply.

The relief that these parcels bring is immeasurable. It warms the heart to know that even in a time of hardship, there are still people and businesses who are willing to share the little they have.

When you sit down tonight and enjoy a warm meal, give thanks! You are truly blessed!