Drive with caution

Drive with caution. Big hole in the street

The roads of Mkhondo are dilapidated and are currently very dangerous for motorists and pedestrians alike.

Due to the heavy rain showers that our area received during the past few weeks, the crusher stone which was used by AfriForum and local businesses to fill many of the gaping holes on Saturday, 7 March, has washed away completely.

In some streets, the only option for drivers is to drive on the sidewalk, which puts pedestrians at risk and increases the chance of an accident occurring considerably. This solution is also starting to take its toll on the state of our sidewalks.

Although not much can be done to repair the roads at this time, we hope that the Mkhondo Local Municipality will make it a priority to do the repairs as soon as it is allowed. At this time, we urge motorists to adjust their speed accordingly, drive responsibly and stay safe.

A few weeks ago, a gaping hole was left on the corner of Klopper – and Klip Street after repairs were done and it has not been closed since.

Warning tape has been put around the deep dugout but the danger remains real.

Motorists who are unfamiliar with the area or who drive there at night are at risk of seriously damaging their vehicles. This large hole not only makes the sidewalk inaccessible but also extends into the road, and leaves little to no space for driving. For children who play outside, this hole can seem like a fun place to play in and since it is filled with water and most probably rocks and sharp objects, the hazard is real.

We understand that it is difficult to rectify the situation during the lockdown, but sending out one or two people to simply close the hole is possible. We urge the Mkhondo Local Municipality to please tend to the situation as soon as possible, to prevent serious injuries and damage to vehicles. To all motorists, please take extra caution when travelling in this area.

Drive with caution. Big hole in the street. This hole has been on the corner of Klopper – and Klip Street for a few weeks already
This hole has been on the corner of Klopper – and Klip Street for a few weeks already