A community that stands together

A community that stands together

On Thursday, 7 May members of the Mpumalanga Chinese CPF (Community Police Forum) visited the Mkhondo SAPS to donate masks, face shields and hand sanitizer.

This contribution was made by Chinese owned shops in Mkhondo and was done to promote a good relationship between the community and the SAPS. They hope that this positive initiative will be adopted by other Chinese business owners in Mpumalanga and that it will motivate them to also give abundantly.

Mr Daniel Chen, Mr Andy Chen and the director of the Mpumalanga Chinese CPF, Mr Fuzhou Chen represented 14 businesses who were involved in collecting and donating the 3 500 face masks, 200 face shields and 20 five-litre bottles of hand sanitizer. These much-needed items will soon be distributed throughout Mkhondo.

The gesture is much appreciated and is sure to make a big difference in combating the spread of Covid-19 in Mkhondo.