Illegal Parking on Traffic Island

Illegal Parking
Please refrain from this kind of behaviour

This photograph of Illegal Parking on Traffic Island to collect customers in the middle of a busy road was taken on Thursday, 19 March.

This Illegal Parking behaviour is completely irresponsible and unacceptable and should not be tolerated! Not only is it illegal, it can also cause serious road accidents, injuries and death.
The rules of the road according to clearly state:

Except in order to avoid an accident, or in compliance with a road traffic sign or with a direction given by a traffic officer, or for any cause beyond the control of the driver, no person shall stop a vehicle on the roadway of a public road:

• Alongside or opposite of an excavation or obstruction on the public road, if other traffic would be obstructed or endangered by such stopping.
• Within any tunnel or subway or on any bridge, or within six metres of any tunnel, subway or bridge.
• In contravention of any road traffic sign.
• On the right-hand side of a roadway facing oncoming traffic.
• Alongside or opposite any other vehicle on a roadway where the roadway is less than nine metres wide.
• Within the railway reserve at a level crossing.
• Within nine metres of his or her approaching side of a pedestrian crossing marked by appropriate road traffic signs.
• In any other place where the stopping of a vehicle would likely constitute a danger or an obstruction to other traffic.
The driver of this taxi was clearly breaking the law and endangering lives.