Water shortage in Town

Water shortage from burst water pipe

A burst pipe in Anema Street was reported to the Water and Sanitation Department of the Mkhondo Local Municipality which caused a severe water shortage.

In no time a team was there to find the faulty pipe and tried to repair it as quickly as possible to avoid further water shortage. The residents of Mkhondo were notified of the situation and urged to use water sparingly but nonetheless, the town’s water supply had to be cut off.

They worked tirelessly to repair the faulty pipe and finally, much later on Sunday night, the repairs were done and water was restored.

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However, on Monday, 9 March the pipe was leaking again, leaving water streaming down Anema Street. The MLM’s team really worked as quickly as they could to repair the pipe and at approximately 16:00, the repairs were finally done.

According to the MLM, these were the only faulty pipes that had to be repaired but on Monday, the residents of Mkhondo could see water streaming down several roads, such as Von Brandis Street.

The pipe that was repaired in Kruger Street a few weeks ago is supposedly also leaking again. Can something be done as quickly regarding these leaks as was done to repair the other problems, thank you.

Thank you for working long hours to fix the pipe in Anema Street.

Water shortage from burst water pipe
It is not an easy job!