Horrible State of Muller Street

Muller Street Piet Retief

On Friday, 14 February an article appeared in the Excelsior News about the horrible state in which the corner of Muller Street – and Theo Mocke Street was left after a sewerage pipe for a new development was attached to Mkhondo’s main sewerage system.

To be able to connect the pipes, a big trench had to be dug on the corner of Muller Street and Theo Mocke Street. The trench was closed but, the sand removed during the construction, was left on the side of the road. The heavy motor vehicles used during the construction also damaged the road even further.

Many weeks later and no effort has been made by the responsible party to fix their mess. What a shame! The recent rain showers are only making the situation worse and if it is not fixed soon, the road may suffer permanent damage.

The slippery muddy mess is also creating a dangerous situation for motorists who frequently drive on this road.

Please fix your mess!

Muller Street becoming a hazard

Trenches need proper repairs

The dangerous trench in Pretorius Street, which was reported on in the previous publication of the Excelsior News, has been filled up with sand at last. On Wednesday, 26 February municipal employees finally worked on the trench which has been an obstacle for motorists during the past few weeks.

However, due to the rain showers Piet Retief received over the weekend, the sand which was used to fill it up has already started to wash away. We hope that a better and more permanent solution will be found to deal with the many trenches in the roads of Mkhondo.

The one in Von Brandis Street, which was also repaired earlier in February, is once again starting to become a problem only a few weeks after it was filled with sand.

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”- John Wooden