Road Repairs; Municipal

Road Repairs; Municipal

From Wednesday, 4 March to Friday, 6 March the Mkhondo Local Municipality workers have been doing much needed road repairs and maintenance around town.

They started the road repairs by filling up the potholes in some problematic streets such as Pretorius Street, Kruger Street and the street between Woodhill Centre and KFC. In some areas of town, they removed whole sections of the road and repaired it completely.

After reporting on this matter in the Excelsior News several times in the past, it is refreshing to now be able to give some positive feedback.

The potholes were not the only maintenance task which was done. Municipal workers also repainted the white lines and stop sign road markings in Von Brandis – and Brand Street.

By doing all of this, they have made the roads of Mkhondo considerably safer for motorists and pedestrians and although there is still a lot of work ahead, we hope to see this positive trend continue in the future. Thank you, MLM!