Peaceful march in Amsterdam

Peaceful march in Amsterdam

On Friday, 6 March the residents came together for a Peaceful march in Amsterdam, to voice their concerns regarding poor service delivery.

The Peaceful march in Amsterdam was conducted in a positive manner. There were no episodes of public violence, injuries or arrests. The memorandum was received and signed by a member of the Mayoral Committee, Mr Mnisi at the Amsterdam Municipal Satellite Office on behalf of the Mkhondo Local Municipality’s Executive Mayor, Councillor Vusi Motha.

Their grievances are the following:

  1. They are requesting more information regarding the recently installed generator. Why was a local company not used to provide and install it? How much money is being spent to keep it operational and why are there certain days during which it is unable to provide the town with electricity.
  2. No clear answer has been given to the residents regarding the construction in Extension 5 and they are eager to know what the state of affairs are.
  3. During all the blackouts, business – and home owners have suffered immense damage and they demand that the person responsible for causing this, be removed immediately from their position at the Mkhondo Local Municipality.
  4. According to the memorandum which was handed over, the employees of the Amsterdam Municipal Satellite Office do not have the information to assist the residents. Apparently workers also sit around and do not conduct their duties such as collecting the garbage bags (for what they get paid to do).
  5. They demand that the millions of rands that is owed to ESKOM be paid immediately and request that they be able to buy electricity directly from ESKOM.
  6. Water tariffs must be reduced per charged cubic metre, dirt roads must be paved and proper storm water drains must be installed.

The biggest demand from the people of Amsterdam is not to fall under the Mkhondo Local Municipality’s jurisdiction and become their own independent municipality. In their memorandum, they also voiced their concerns about the abilities of their current councillors and demanded that they step down from their positions.

Feedback will be given about the outcome of the march when received.

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