Mkhondo Springbok Busters

Mkhondo Springbok Busters
This team works hard to remove alien plants

The Mkhondo Springbok Busters is an organization which removes alien plant species from fields, gardens and even farms in our area.

On Thursday, 5 March the Mkhondo Springbok Busters were busy in some of the wetlands in Mkhondo, hard at work removing invader-plants.

The busters are passionate about this initiative since invader plant species have an impact on the diversity of local species; they affect water availability and damage the quality of soil nutrients.

Not only does the Mkhondo Springbok Busters ( alien plants, they also clean up the rubbish in the areas in which they work. They have created job opportunities for approximately 80 people and are making a big difference in the state of our environment.

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They would like to extend an invitation to the residents of Driefontein, Amsterdam and Piet Retief (farms as well) to contact them about the removal of these plants. They do it for free and will be happy to assist where possible.

For more information or to make use of their services, kindly contact Linda on 072 795 1974.

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Thank you for making a positive difference