Ezinkonjaneni protest action

Ezinkonjaneni protest action
Tyres and trees were burned during a protest action on the Ezinkonjaneni road

On Friday morning, 6 March at approximately 07:00 members of the Mkhondo SAPS were asked to attend to a group of protestors on the Ezinkonjaneni road.

The Ezinkonjaneni protestors and demonstrators were burning tyres and tree stumps and blocked off the road completely to motorists. The people wanted to be employed by Jindal Mine and were upset about the recruitment process.

Colonel Thela, Station Commander of the Mkhondo SAPS, tried to reason with the group and informed them on how to voice their concerns legally. He explained that they could apply at the Mkhondo Local Municipality or at the court to march. They understood the process and they dispersed. The road was once again cleared for motorists.

Thank you to the members of the Mkhondo SAPS for taking the time to assist  residents instead of addressing violence with violence.