Has eThandakukhanya been forgotten?

eThandakukhanya Streets
This road is completely unsafe to travel on

It seems that the residents of eThandakukhanya have been left out of the service delivery programmes completely.

A quick drive through this area proved that there is a lot of work to be done.

Problematic areas such as eThandakukhanya and other issues are then also channelled through to the correct departments responsible.

The few roads that have been tarred recently are in good condition, but the dirt roads are almost completely the opposite. Erosion and motorists, who frequently travel on them, have caused deep potholes and ditches in the middle and on the side of many streets.

This poses an enormous threat to motorists and their vehicles. None of the speed bumps in this area have been painted and very few of them have signs to warn motorists. If you are unfamiliar with the area and do not adjust your speed accordingly, your vehicle will sustain serious damage.

Sidewalks in eThandakukhanya are almost non-existent and pedestrians are forced to walk on the street. This could cause serious accidents and even deaths. In some cases, the sidewalks have been destroyed due to erosion, and in other cases building materials and piles of rubbish block them. It would be such a shame if someone got injured because of this!

Piles of waste materials in open fields, on the sidewalks, on front lawns and even in the middle of the road is a testimony that waste disposal is not a priority in the township. Many of the residents may not be aware of the negative effects of littering or don’t have the means to dispose of their rubbish in the correct manner.

Living in such an untidy and unhygienic environment can cause any number of ailments such as allergies and diarrhoea. It is not healthy for the mind and can also cause depression and anxiety. An individual can also get seriously injured due to broken shards of glass. The negative effects of living in such an environment are extensive and it is influencing the quality of life for all residents.

Causeway Collapsed

Another big concern is that late in the mornings, at about 11:00, many scholars are walking around in the streets, when they should be in class. Is there no supervision at the schools in eThandakukhanya and do the principals and teachers have no control over what goes on in the schools? Looking at the pass rate for the matrics of 2019 for some of the schools in the area, it seems that education is low on some people’s priority list. What a shame!

How are the learners supposed to be educated if they are allowed to roam the streets as they please?

We urge the residents of eThandakukhanya to please take care of their environment, do not litter and children attend school!

Furthermore we ask the Mkhondo Local Municipality to put their resources towards creating better living conditions for these residents and in doing so create a positive living environment for all.