Destructive Storm ravages Mkhondo

Destructive Storm In Piet Retief

On Saturday afternoon, 22 February after an exceptionally hot and humid morning, Mkhondo was hit by a destructive storm which left a trail of devastation.

According to our sources, a staggering 72mm of rain fell in Mkhondo on Saturday. The rain was accompanied by strong winds and thunder and lighting. Several trees were damaged and uprooted during the storm and fell onto the road, blocking streets and making them untraversable for motorists.

Local businesses sustained severe damages and their roofs were blown off by the strong wind. An electrical cable was damaged and due to this, some residents of Mkhondo were without electricity for more than 48 hours.

Members of the community and local business people, alongside employees of the Mkhondo Local Municipality and members of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit immediately offered their assistance in removing branches and tree stumps from the roads to clear the way for motorists.

The municipal employees started looking for the damaged electrical cables as soon as the heavy weather subsided and  it was safe for them to do so. They then worked tirelessly to resolve the issue as quickly as they could and on Monday, 24 February power was finally restored to the affected area.

Although the damage caused by the storm can be seen as tragic, the community of Mkhondo once again showed their willingness to assist one another in a time of need. It is amazing how kind, open-hearted and dedicated these men and women were during this crisis.

Thank you to each and every person who helped in cleaning up Mkhondo in the aftermath of the storm. It goes to show that if we as a community work together, things can get done more efficiently!