Bicycle tour through Kingdom of eSwatini

Bicycle tour through Kingdom of Eswatini
Some of the cyclists swam in the Assegaai River to cool down

Between 15 and 16 February, 21 cyclists of Piet Retief, Pongola and Vryheid took part in a Bicycle tour to the Kingdom of Eswatini and back, a staggering 155 km journey!

The cyclists got together at Tuscarora Spur in Piet Retief before starting their Bicycle tour. They rode to the Houtkop border post where they entered Swaziland. After 27 kilometres of cycling, they stopped for the first time at a water point.

The Bicycle tour then continued and headed for Gege, a town in Southern Eswatini, and again stopped after another 23 kilometres. When crossing the Assegaai River on their way to Gege, some of the cyclists decided to use the opportunity to take a refreshing swim and cool down. It was very enjoyable! After 25 kilometres they arrived at the Phumula Guesthouse, where they relaxed their sore muscles in the pool.

On day one, they had to endure steep climbs and bad roads, but everyone got to the guesthouse safely. They travelled a total of 75 kilometres on this day.

Breakfast was served at 07:00 sharp and shortly after enjoying their meal, the group headed back to South Africa. They rode 8 kilometres to the Mahamba border post and then headed for Moolman, they stopped at a water point after 18 kilometres. Most of this leg of the trip took place in plantations and had plenty of steep climbs. The last water point was 27 kilometres before Piet Retief. The cyclists had to endure the final part of their tour in 39˚C weather and were relieved when they stopped at the Spur again.

The Bicycle tour was organized by Mr Butch Bronkhorst and his wife, Polly, who drove behind the group of cyclists and offered their support. If you are interested in joining the next tour, kindly contact Butch on 082 781 3868.