AfriForum repairs potholes

AfriForum repairs potholes

AfriForum repairs potholes on Saturday, 7 March and members of the community and took time out of their busy schedules to try and  around Mkhondo by filling them with crusher stones.

This act (AfriForum repairs potholes) was generous and much appreciated but after the town received rain on Wednesday, 11 March the roads looked dreadful again. The streets were left full of sharp stones and sand and most potholes were once again just gaping holes.

AfriForum has stated that they have put a plan into motion to repair the potholes properly (filling them with synthetic tar which apparently works especially well in residential areas), but the process could take some time.

Fortunately on Thursday, 12 March the Mkondo Local Municipality were still going around town and repairing whatever potholes they could, just as they did the previous week.

Afriforum Piet Retief

Until the roads are in a beter condition, we kindly ask that motorists please drive carefully to avoid any damages to their vehicles.

It is amazing to see the positive cooperation between the MLM and the community. Together we are better and we believe that if this trend should continue, Mkhondo will be a beter place for all to live in.