Strike at Piet Retief Hospital


From Thursday, 6 February till Monday, 10 February some general workers and nurses of the Piet Retief Hospital held a Strike at Piet Retief Hospital.

Some of the hospital employees, such as the doctors and pharmacy staff, did however not participate in the strike. The hospital staff were still accommodating patients, even though the sick were being assisted at a slower than usual pace.

Piet Retief Hospital strike

The reason behind the strike was that some workers did not receive the agreed upon payment for the hours that they worked. According to Dumisani Malamule, spokesperson for the Mpumalanga Department of Health, miscommunication between the hospital staff and management led to this unfortunate event.

The employees were apparently not paid for the hours that they worked and thus, they decided to take a stand. The Department of Health, along with the management of Piet Retief Hospital and the unions who represent the hospital staff held a meeting on Monday, 10 February and the matter was tabled. The hospital management accepted responsibility for this and started the process of rectifying the situation.

Strike at Piet Retief HospitalThey plan on identifying the individuals who have been paid incorrectly and for how many hours they still need to be paid for.

On Monday afternoon, the strike ended and the staff resumed their duties.

Dumisani Malamule, spokesperson for the Mpumalanga Department of Health, Mkhondo’s public hospital is allegedly not the only one with this problem and many other health care providers have not been receiving the correct payments.