Protest comes to light in Paulpietersburg

Paulpietersburg protests

The residents of Ward 3 from eDumbe (Paulpietersburg) “raised concerns” regarding their needs not being met in their township. Very early on Monday morning, 27 January, these residents got together to hand over a memorandum to the Mayor of eDumbe.

The proceedings seemed peaceful at first, but after some time, it quickly escalated into chaos. Tyres were burnt in the roads and the R33-route was completely blocked off, preventing all vehicles from making their way through Paulpietersburg. This unsettling scene soon ran its course after the police intervened.

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Their demands were as follows:

  • The people would like more accessible roads.
  • These residents would like to be notified regarding their water supply/interruptions.
  • They expect all street lights in Paulpietersburg to be repaired.
  • The locals feel discriminated against and would feel more comfortable if more local people were employed in eDumbe.
  • Garbage seems to be a big issue. It is lining the streets and cluttering areas in between houses of Paulpietersburg. They would like their area to be kept clean on a regular basis.
  • Residents from Ward 3 feel that the condition of their community hall is not up to standard.
  • Grass is overgrown in Ward 3 because the local municipality workers only keep the grass on the side of the main road short. Something has to be done to resolve this issue.
  • Lastly, but definitely not the least, they demand the resignation of a local Ward 3 councillor of Paulpietersburg who, according to them, is not fit for the position she has to fill.

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Paulpietersburg Protests