Grass cut in park


Parks are beautiful and we need to keep them that way.

The park on the corner of South – and Von Brandis Street was long overdue for maintenance, since the grass was overgrown.

On Thursday, 6 February and Friday, 7 February employees of the Mkhondo Local Municipality finally cut the grass in the park. This park is frequented by schoolchildren and as it was before, it was unsafe for them to use.

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Although the grass is now neatly cut, broken glass and piles of rubbish, left there by some residents after they used the park, still remains a big problem.

Tips for a neat park:

  1. Use rubbish bins – We beg the municipality to purchase a few for all the parks in town.
  2. Avoid smoking and drinking in parks (it is illegal to drink in public places). Have a designated area in the park for those activities. Cigarette butts and beer bottles are unsightly.
  3. Clean up after yourself. The park needs to look like it did before you came in.

If these tips are followed, you will help the situation.