Local cemeteries cleaned by community


On Monday, 3 February and Tuesday, 4 February members of AfriForum took matters into their own hands when they started cleaning the local cemeteries.

The state in which our local cemeteries are left by visitors is disgraceful. The little to no maintenance that they receive has left them looking overgrown and untidy. That is an absolutely horrible way to treat our ancestors!

Local community members make a plan

Local members of AfriForum read in the Excelsior News of the situation and decided to take action and do something about it immediately. With assistance from Mkhondo Green, members of the Muslim community and members of AfriForum, they cut the grass in two of the cemeteries in Mkhondo. They also collected rubbish.

Read more about Community Service in the area.

Mkhondo Green was founded on 15 June 2012 and their goal is:

  1. The initiating and coordinating of litter clean-up campaigns in town. They place special focus on parks, wetlands, streams/rivers and cemeteries.
  2. The removal of invader plants from the towns and surrounding areas within the Mkhondo municipal area. They place special focus on ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands, streams/rivers, parks and montane grasslands.
  3. The planting of hundreds of indigenous trees, and the associated beautification of the parks/towns within the Mkhondo municipal area.
  4. The initiating and coordinating of recycling initiatives within the Mkhondo municipal area, in an attempt to reduce pressure on the municipal landfill sites, and to increase the amount of material that is sustainably reused.
  5. Educating residents with regard to environmental protection, beautification and sustainable development.

AfriForum cleans the local cemeteries once a year, a responsibility that, in reality, is that of the Mkhondo Local Municipality.

Will it last?

There is a big improvement in how the local cemeteries look now, but for how long will it stay neat without proper and regular maintenance?

We once again urge the Mkhondo Local Municipality to maintain the local cemeteries on a regular basis.

A special thank you to the members of AfriForum, Mkhondo Green and the Muslim community,  who took it upon themselves to clean these local cemeteries. It is much appreciated.