Caring for the environment


The Department of Environmental Affairs has recently taken action and started to clean some of the problematic areas in town.

On Thursday, 30 January, volunteers who are a part of a learner programme, funded by the Mkhondo Department of Environmental Affairs, cut the grass of the field on the corner of Retief – and Von Brandis Street. The programme which they are following has a duration of three months, divided into theoretical and practical exercises.

They attend lectures to learn about the importance of keeping green areas clean and preserving them. They then use the knowledge that they received to clean green areas in Mkhondo. This is why the grass was cut and the rubbish collected. Now it is safer for pedestrians who frequently use this route to get home. They are less likely to be attacked by wrongdoers or step in a hole in the ground and get injured.

The cleaning didn’t stop there. On Monday, 3 February 75 workers of the Mkhondo Local Municipality got together to finally clean up the Piet Retief Dam embankment. This issue has been reported on in the Excelsior News multiple times and we are relieved to see that something was actually done.

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This initiative was taken to commemorate World Wetlands Day, which was on Sunday, 2 February. Armed with the appropriate equipment, overgrown grass was cut, alien plant species, like barkweed, was removed, as well as other species which pollute the wetlands. Loads of rubbish was picked up and disposed of in the proper way.

The Department of Environmental Affairs urges the residents of Mkhondo, taxi owners and informal business owners who operate in that area, to please refrain from littering and to dispose of their waste in the correct way. The area is now in a better state and it is important to keep it that way.

Thank you to every individual who helped to clean the mess which some residents of Mkhondo make on a daily basis. Thank you to the management of the Department of Environmental Affairs and MLM for taking the initiative to finally clean these problematic areas. We hope that this will become a regular occurrence.