Busses cause traffic in Kruger Street


One business’s convenience, a whole town’s traffic inconvenience!

Most afternoons you can find a bus or two parked in Kruger street. This normally wouldn’t be a problem but, unfortunately Kruger Street gets used by many motorists which causes traffic jams.

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Apparently the owner of the bus service stated that the bus has to park there because it is more convenient for workers to board and get off the bus from this vantage point. There is enough space for the bus to park elsewhere in this area. However, employees apparently feel they will have to walk too far.

To make matters worse, any vehicle that is smaller runs the risk of not being able to see past this metal construction on wheels. Pedestrians walk on the inside of the road for their own safety. While this bus is parked there, it almost makes it impossible since pedestrians will now be in danger of getting hit by oncoming traffic.

This issue has already been reported on in the Excelsior News multiple times, yet not much has changed. We kindly urge local traffic control officers to take another look at this issue. Roads need to become safer to use.

The drivers of these buses are breaking the law!