Mkhondo traffic officers ensuring safety

Mkhondo traffic officers ensuring safety

On Friday, 10 January officers of the Mkhondo Traffic Department were stationed on Church Street, next to Piet Retief Primary School. They conducted a thorough investigation of vehicles which were travelling through town.

The driver of almost every vehicle was instructed to pull off to the side of the road. Here, their licences were verified, as well as the licence disks on their vehicles. Many of the vehicles and their occupants were also searched for any illegal contraband goods. In addition, the traffic officers checked the roadworthiness of vehicles.

It was a cool and rainy day, yet the officers still had smiles on their faces and a positive attitude whilst they had to deal with impatient motorists.

According to one of the traffic officers on scene, they are happy to be able to conduct their duties. They plan on being visible in town during the remainder of 2020, ensuring that residents and visitors adhere to traffic rules.

Read more about the services of our local traffic officers here.

Thank you to these public servants for the optimistic mannerism and the effort that they put into making our roads safer.