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Many successful arrests

The members of the Mkhondo SAPS, under the guidance of Colonel Thela, the Station Commander, had many successful arrests during the month of December.

Festive season roadblock:

During the period of 12 December 2019 – 2 January 2020, the Mkhondo SAPS, in collaboration with the Mkhondo Traffic Department and other stakeholders took part in a roadblock that was a part of a national operation with the theme: :Zizojika Izinto – Turning the tide against crime”. The main objective of the roadblock was to inspect vehicles for roadworthiness, expired licence disks and for any illegal substances.

In some cases, the occupants of the vehicles were also searched and the drivers of the vehicles had their licences checked. A whopping 70 warrants of arrest were issued for outstanding or overdue fines and if the culprits did not pay their outstanding amounts on the spot, they were arrested.

During the roadblock, two stolen vehicles were recovered and five arrests were made for the illegal possession of dagga. According to Colonel Thela, no major accidents were reported in our area. Overall the roadblock can be considered a success.

Festive season operation:

Other than the roadblock, officers also patrolled Mkhondo on foot and in vehicles, they visited taverns and checked that the establishments had the correct paperwork and closed them down if not.

Furthermore they also rid the streets of the “ladies of the night” and sent illegal immigrants packing.

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Some arrests made in December by the Mkhondo SAPS:

  • 63 arrests for driving under the influence
  • 108 arrests for public drinking
  • 30 arrests for assault
  • 8 arrests made for the possession of stolen property
  • 9 arrest for house break-ins
  • 6 people arrested for being in the country illegally

A total of 382 people were arrested during the month of December but, Colonel Thela would like to assure the community of Mkhondo that the patrolling and hard work from his officers will not stop now that December is over.

His goal is to reclaim Piet Retief and make it a crime free town with these successful arrests. He wants to put a stamp of authority from the SAPS over the criminal elements that are active in town.

Warnings and tips from Colonel Thela:

  • Illegal immigrants will be arrested and prosecuted if they are caught in town.
  • Bylaws, such as that businesses are not allowed to put their merchandise on the sidewalks, will be followed and if shop owners should not comply with this bylaw, they will be issued with a J524 summons and their goods will be confiscated.
  • Hawkers are only allowed to be of South African nationality, it is illegal for a foreigner to operate a hawker stall and their products will be confiscated should they be caught.
  • Foreign vehicles are only allowed to be in South Africa for up to 30 days and are only allowed to be driven by a national from their country. It is for example illegal to buy a car in Swaziland and drive it in South Africa if you are a South African National.
  • House break-ins are on the rise and it is important to ensure that all your doors are locked and windows accessible to burglars are closed. Make sure that your vehicle is in a locked garage and that it is kept locked at all times.
  • Be observant of your surroundings, according to Colonel Thela, criminals watch homes and often leave something in your front yard or sidewalk, to see if you are observant and pick it up. If you do not notice it then they know that you are an easy target. Also keep an eye out for any strange vehicles in your area and any unfamiliar people hanging around in your area.

Thank you to all SAPS members for the hard work and successful arrests that you are doing to improve our town and make it a safer place.

To report a crime, call the Mkhondo SAPS station on 017 824 2608 or during load shedding, you can call: 072 286 8875.

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