Piet Retief Hospital strike

Piet Retief Hospital workers strike

On Friday, 17 January the security guards of the Piet Retief Hospital refused to work, as their salaries were allegedly not paid.

The Piet Retief Hospital outsources the security to a well-known security company. According to the Piet Retief provincial hospital workers, they were supposed to receive their salaries on Wednesday, 15 January but by Friday, they had still not received any payment. According to them, this is not the first time that the company did not pay them on time.

Strike at Piet Retief Hospital

A notice was also sent out by the management of the security company, stating that their employees will only receive salaries on Tuesday, 31 March. The workers are currently not able to pay for transport, food, school fees for their children or many other necessities.

The Excelsior News tried to contact the security firm, with the hope of getting their side of the story as well. Unfortunately they were not available for comment.

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As an employer, it is your responsibility to pay your workers the agreed salary on the agreed date. Everyone depends on a salary.