Improvement at the Mkhondo Landfill Site

Mkhondo Landfill Site

On Friday, 6 December 2019 an article was published in the Excelsior News about the disgusting condition of the Mkhondo Dumping Grounds and Landfill Site.

The piles of garbage looked out of control at the Landfill Site and residents of Mkhondo were resorting to getting rid of their waste materials in the fields outside of the site. An employee of the grounds claimed that municipal workers informed him that the equipment that they use for maintenance of the grounds, were at the time not in a functioning condition.

Mkhondo Landfill Site
The road inside the site is usable again

It seems that the MLM has sorted out the issues with their equipment because a recent visit to the grounds has shown that the situation has improved immensely since the article was published.

Thank you to the Mkhondo Local Municipality for tending to the situation swiftly, and hopefully the landfill site will stay in a good condition and is maintained on a regular basis.