High School Piet Retief Interhouse athletics

High School Piet Retief Interhouse athletics

On Saturday, 16 January the atmosphere at High School Piet Retief’s Interhouse athletics was filled with a deep sense of exhilaration as the spirit of the school was humbly brought to life by the colourful matric cheerleaders.

You’d think that the early initiation of the Interhouse athletics event might lead to a lack of motivation. This was not the case as everyone from participants to supporters to teachers were excited for the Interhouse athletics happenings. Silence broke free on the stands after a prayer was said at the start of the event. Thereafter, the matric cheer-squads entered luxuriously and did a great job at carrying the enthusiasm for the day over to the crowd.

You should enjoy all the achievements in life!

The following achievements for the day were recorded:

  • – Best track athlete: Olwethu Zwane  (Red Team) – U/16, 400m hurdles with a time of 1:12,00, Record. 775 Points
  • – Best field athlete: Lize de Beer  (Red Team) – U/16, Discus with a distance of 32.82m. 870 Points
  • – Best hurdles athelete: Olwethu Zwane  (Red Team) – U/16, 400m hurdles with a time of 1:12:00, Record. 775 Points
  • – Best female middle – and long distance athlete: Chantel Breytenbach  (Red Team) – U/15, 1500m with a time of 5:29:20. 699 Points
  • – Best male middle – and long distance athlete: Bandile Madi (Green Team) – U/15, 1 500m with a time of 5:06:80. 583 Points
  • – Victrix Ludorum Junior Track: Stefanie Maritz (Blue Team) – U/14
  • – Victrix Ludorum Junior Field: Ankia Uys (Blue Team) – U/14
  • – Victor Ludorum Junior Track: Bandile Madi (Green Team) – U/15
  • – Victor Ludorum Junior Field: Cobus Venter (Blue Team) – U/15
  • – Victrix Ludorum Senior Track: San-Mari Erasmus  (Blue Team) – U/19
  • – Victrix Ludorum Senior Field: Lize de Beer (Blue Team) – U/16
  • – Victor Ludorum Senior Track: Ruben Fouche (Red Team) – U/19
  • – Victor Ludorum Senior Field: Hugo Meyer (Blue Team) – U/17
  • – Best Female Athlete: Lize de Beer (Green Team) – U/16
  • – Best Male Athlete: Zander Coetzee (Red Team) – U/16
  • – Best Entrance: Red Team
  • – Best Cheerleading Team: Green Team
  • – Best Female Cheerleader: Zelda Vosloo, (Blue Team)
  • – Best Male Cheerleader: Banele Nkosi, (Blue Team)
  • – Spirit Cup : Blue team

 Teams and their scores:

  • Blue: 1 387
  • Red:  1 330,5
  • Green: 1 059,5

This was an event for the books. Congratulations to every participant and many thanks to everyone who helped and supported this day.