Businesses go up in flames


On Monday, 6 January the unfortunate event of a blaze engulfing a storefront ensued. As if this summer wasn’t already hot enough.

Around 23:00, two business owners found themselves watching their prized accomplishments go up in flames. The odds were ever in their favour as fortunately there were no injuries reported. A lot could have gone haywire in Brand Street that evening.

After the fire was dealt with there was little time for rest seeing as most of the building was a scolding, charred mess. One factor that had not ended up being a catastrophe was the fact that a few gas cylinders were found on the scene. None of which had any reaction to the massive fire.

The cause for this mishap, according to Mr. Anton Nortje, Head of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit, is still undetermined. The presence of gas in the situation could have resulted in major casualties seeing as most of the surrounding area is usually quite vibrant, boasting with not only a shopping centre but also a petrol filling station.

According to the law, the possession of gas cylinders by businesses have specific rules concerning gas. As a business owner there are special regulations in place regarding the use and maintenance of gas cylinders, which if not adhered to can lead to legal action. Gas cylinders also have to be installed by a professional which will then continue with the maintenance on a regular basis after a certificate regarding the amount of gas allowed has been issued by the Fire Department.

 Stay safe. Stay aware. Stay legal.