Rhino horns possession sentencing

Rhino Horns Poaching Getaway Vehicle
The convicted man was travelling in this Mercedes Benz sedan when he was apprehended for having two rhino horns in his possession without a permit

On Monday, 14 October a 36-year old male received six years imprisonment after he was found with two rhino horns in his possession.

The convicted man had no permit for the rhino horns and was apprehended on the Mahamba road during a roadblock operation. He was travelling in a Mercedes Benz with three other passengers (two females and one male). The owner of the vehicle was the male passenger.

During 22 – 27 January 2020, the Pretoria High Court will decide if the involved vehicle is to be forfeited to the state. For now, the vehicle remains booked in at the Piet Retief Police Station.

According to the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, during the 1 January to 31 June 2019 period, 122 alleged poachers were arrested in the Kruger National Park.  At a national level, 253 arrests have been made in the first six months of this year in connection with both rhino poaching and rhino horn trafficking.  A total of 61 firearms have been recovered during anti-poaching operations in the Kruger National Park in this period as well.

The statistics are a big cause for concern. Thank you for arresting this man and assisting in the fight against rhino horns poaching and horn trafficking.