Muller Street raining in Potholes

Potholes in Muller Street Piet Retief

Muller Street in Piet Retief looks horrible. The heavy rains of the last couple of weeks has caused the potholes which were already present on the street, to become wider and deeper and thus far, nothing has been done to rectify the situation.

Potholes are caused when water penetrates tiny cracks in the road – cracks that are usually caused by traffic. When no attention is given immediately, these cracks like in Muller Street expand over time and big gaping holes are formed.

Drivers are resorting to using other streets with less potholes or to even drive on the sidewalks rather than on the road, to spare their vehicle severe damage from the potholes.

Muller Street is not the only street with crater-sized potholes, there is almost not a single street on which you can drive in a straight line in Mkhondo. Even though the residents of Piet Retief regularly see municipal workers repairing the roads, apparently it is not being done properly because only weeks after they were fixed, they are deeper and wider than before.

If repairs are not done correctly, money and man-hours are being flushed down the drain.

We kindly request that the Mkhondo Local Municipality focus their workforce on fixing the potholes properly. Rather than just repairing the small issues around town, we request that they pay particular attention to the bigger issues.