Mkhondo’s Landfill Site needs urgent attention!!!

Mkhondo Landfill Site

Mkhondo’s Landfill Site needs urgent attention!!! The state of the dumping ground is an absolute disgrace and needs prompt action.

During a quick visit to the landfill site, it was evident that no one has bothered to do any form of cleaning during the past few weeks. The site is so congested with rubbish, that there is no space for the disposal of any more waste materials.

This has caused residents of Mkhondo to dispose of their waste materials on the roads inside the landfill site, as well as in the fields surrounding the designated area. If you discard of your garbage outside of the allocated area, you are liable for fines. One concerned resident stated that people are left with no other choice.

An employee at the site claimed that municipal workers apparently informed him that the equipment that is used for maintenance of the grounds, are currently not in a working condition, but that was weeks ago.

Furthermore, the visit occurred at approximately 17:30, at which time the site should have already been closed to the public but, the gates were wide open and people were still disposing of their rubbish. Are these grounds being supervised at all?

The Excelsior News contacted the Mkhondo Local Municipality in search for answers. Mr Dube, the manager responsible for waste managment responded by saying that the municipality’s front end loader is broken.

Apparently they are in the process of sourcing an excavator and dozer that will asist in cleaning the site.

The problem should be dealt with and the waste sorted within the next two weeks.