Heavy rains taking a toll on our roads

Heavy rains in Piet Retief Mpumanlanga Truck accident

The much needed rain that our area received during the last two weeks has taken a toll on the roads of Mkhondo and it poses a big threat to the safety of vehicles and drivers.

The roads were not in great condition to begin with. Many of the potholes were simply filled with sand or rocks and now the rain has washed that all away, leaving gaping holes in its place.

It seems that the time has come for the roads to be properly repaired. As we are experiencing the full force of summer rains, it has become apparent that a quick fix will not be suffice anymore.

Mkhondo is not the only area where residents are seeing the effects that rain has on the condition of the roads. In many parts of South Africa, especially KwaZulu-Natal, parts of roads have completely vanished.

Please repair the roads properly! Before vehicles get damaged or someone loses their life in an accident.

Note – The South African Weather Service has issued multiple warnings regarding dangerous weather conditions in South Africa and in Mkhondo. Check daily for warnings in order to take preliminary measures and drive carefully!